On the foothills of Ancient Corinth we farm, process & bottle the purest gems of our gastronomic heritage

how we do it


Farming stands as the cornerstone of our existence. Past, present and future do harmonically co-exist within the farm organism.

As farmers, we are the stewards of nature, in close relation with the earth and the ecosystem above and below the ground.

Our farm is a synthesis of multiple plots in different altitudes and pedoclimatic conditions. It mainly consists of vineyards, olive and almond orchards, fruit trees and wild herbs.

Discover the essence of BIODYNAMIC FARMING and experience what TERROIR means for us.

“Now, a farm comes closest to its own essence when it can be conceived of as a kind of independent individuality, a self-contained entity.”
Rudolf Steiner in the Agriculture Course, June 1924

A fascinating aspect of biodynamic agriculture is the utilization of the botanical wealth that exists in the ecosystem around us.


We started applying biodynamic practices in 2006, after a long quest, going through our great-grandparents notes and reflecting our observations in the present. What is our contribution to the ecosystem around us? Why even organic agriculture is solely focusing on providing inputs and overexploitation of natural resources?

Biodynamic farming came as an answer to these questions, as a holistic approach to agriculture - where soil, cosmos, plants, animals and humans are influencing each other. The catalysts that bring all natural forces in balance between those five elements are the Biodynamic preparations.

Through biodynamics we have learned to carefully observe the needs of each individual plant while reinforcing their natural defence through herbal decoctions. Our task is to encourage and support the plant by sustaining a living soil and thus obtaining a balanced farm organism which can better respond to the challenging climatic conditions.

Biodynamics acts as a transforming force, not only for our farm, nor our ecosystem, but for us as human beings.

Chamomile has healing qualities. It fosters soil health while it protects the vines from heat stress.

Expressing Terroir

Harmony and balance reflect our approach to the expression of the terroir in the food and wine that we produce. By bringing together different plots of land, we want to experience the full spectrum of the Corinthian terroir.

Ranging from coastal areas to the foothills of Acrocorinth castle (300m) and mountain peaks (650m) our groves and vineyards are identified as biodiversity hotspots within areas of monoculture.

We’re working only with indigenous varieties, while we’re intrigued by sustaining abandoned vineyards and groves that are over 100 years of age. We’ve followed the path of dry farming (which can be challenging in times of climate change), but we believe that nature knows the way!

Nature and our family go hand in hand since late 1800s when our great-great-grandfather planted his first vineyard in the area.